Own A Valuable Piece Of Black History

These official Black American Stamps are no longer issued by the U.S. Postal Service... But you can own them before they're gone forever!

  • 109 Uncirculated stamps in exquisite mint condition set on
    deluxe 9"x10" collector's biography cards that you can share
    with your family!
  • The Black Heritage Commemorative Society has preserved this
    valuable Black History for a limited number of fortunate collectors
  • Convenient monthly acquisition provides and invaluable way for
    young and old to learn about & embrace their heritage
  • Destined to be a treasured family heirloom!
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Here's What You'll Get With Your Order

4 Mint-Condition Stamps & Oversized
Collector's Biography Cards

This shipment includes a FREE Martin Luther King, Jr. original mint-condition stamp and collector's biography card, plus the Harriett Tubman, Jackie Robinson, and Paul Laurence Dunbar original mint-condition stamps and collector's biography cards.

Thereafter, each month you will receive a new shipment for the regular price of $23.85 plus $4.50 s&h, containing 3 more original mint-condition stamps and three more collector's biography cards, until your collection is complete.

There are no minimum purchase requirements to participate in the Complete Collection of Black American Stamps.You may return any item for a full refund and you may cancel your participation at any time - no questions asked.

A beautiful mint-condition Martin Luther King, Jr. stamp and collector card is yours when you place an order. The FREE Martin Luther King, Jr. mint condition stamp and collector's biography card is yours to keep no matter what.You have absolutely nothing to lose, so order today to receive your free gift.

Limited supplies are available, so act now.

With your collection, you'll receive this elegant gold-embossed collector's album FREE (you pay only $6.95 shipping!) Custom crafted to accommodate the large 9" x 10" biography cards and protective sleeves. We'll send it automatically with your third shipment.

In addition to their historical value, each stamp in the Complete Collection of Black American Stamps has increased in dollar value since it was discontinued. Philatelic experts know the worth - and the potential for appreciation - of these stamps.

Now you can collect them to pass along to future generations, give as gifts, or keep as a proud reminder of the contributions Black Americans have made.

The U.S. Postal Service has been recognizing the value of Black achievement since 1940 with these stamps. You'll recognize the value of this superb collection for years to come.

The oversized collector's cards that house the stamps are beautifully designed, sturdy, heavyweight folios, each with a large vintage photo on the front and a privately commissioned biography on the reverse. They reveal the inspiring stories of the individuals behind the stamps who broke the color barrier, the records and the rules. An invaluable way for young and old to learn about and embrace their heritage, this collection is truly destined to be a treasured family heirloom.

Despite the fact that many of the stamps in the Complete Collection of Black American Stamps have been out of circulation for years, the persistent efforts of the Black Heritage Commemorative Society have located all of them in pristine condition - including the first one ever issued, the Booker T. Washington stamp from 1940. Not many of these remain, and they will be available only as long as supplies last. When they're gone, these key markers of Black American achievement will be gone forever.

Collecting this increasingly rare part of our history is more than an investment in Black America's past. It's an investment in its future. But you must act quickly. Due to limited supplies, this offer is not likely to be repeated. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to own more than 100 historic, mint-condition, uncirculated stamps and collector's cards. Never any risk or obligation - cancel at any time. We believe you'll be so pleased with the Complete Collection of Black American Stamps that we offer an ironclad, unconditional guarantee. Purchase only the cards you want - when you receive your monthly shipment (three cards and stamps per month), simply return what you don't wish to keep. If you aren't fully pleased, you may cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked.

A Preview Of The Collection...

Here are just a few of the historic Black Americans in the collection

Billie Holiday, 1915-1959, is considered by many to be the greatest jazz singer of all time.

Salem Poor, c. 1750-?, fought for the American revolution and was cited for heroism by 14 officers for valor at Bunker Hill.

Paul Laurence Dunbar, 1872-1906, was the son of slaves who became a renowned writer of African American poetry.

Jackie Robinson, 1919- 1972, broke the color barrier in professional baseball.

Louis Armstrong, 1900- 1971, was a masterful trumpet player, the inventor of scat singing & one of the world's best-loved musicians.

A. Phillip Randolph, 1889-1979, was at the forefront of the civil rights struggle and the trade union movement for four decades.

Harriet Tubman, c. 1821- 1913, was a conductor on the Underground Railroad as well as a Union army scout, spy, and nurse.

Frederick Douglass, 1817- 1895, was an abolitionist, orator, politician, author, diplomat, publisher, and promoter of women's rights

Bessie Coleman, 1893- 1926, broke down many barriers to become the first female African American to receive a pilot's license.

Madame C.J. Walker, 1867-1919, was America's first black millionaire businesswoman and a great philanthropist.

Booker T. Washington, 1856-1915, the first Black American on a stamp, was widely recognized for his contributions to education.

Martin Luther King, 1929- 1968, one of the most important and significant African Americans of all time.

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What Other Collectors Are Saying...

"The products you offer are great for a person interested in collecting stamps. I plan to pass my collection to my grandson, hoping he will be inspired. Thank you for the hard work you invested into making them available."

Faye W.

"Sometime in January of this year, I received the Black American Stamp collection from your company. I cried when I saw them - what things of beauty! Let me say they are now proudly displayed on my wall. I look at them constantly with love, pride, and admiration. Thank you, thank you for making these available to regular folks like myself. I am forever grateful."

Juliette C.

"Thank you, I truly love the elegant gold-embossed collector's album for my collection. Three are no words to describe how pleased I am with my collection thus far. As an amateur collector of African American History, this collection is one of my favorite items. I am collecting for my grandchildren. Thank you."

John F.

"I wanted to personally call and tell you how much I liked the stamps. The presentation is very professional and I am very impressed with the product. I am really looking forward to receiving the rest of the collection."

R. Frazier

"I love love everything about your stamps! How do I get them faster? Thank you soooo much for making these available."

Patricia B.

"What a wonderful surprise when I opened the box which contained the beautiful collectors stamps! Thanks so much for this truly elegant impressive collection. My family and I have derived much pleasure, pride, and enjoyment from the unique, educational, and strikingly beautiful images and narratives of our heroes and heroines. "

Monifa A.

"I was telling my co-worker I collect Afro-American stamps -- he smiled and said he also collected stamps, so he brought in his Black Heritage Stamp collector book for me to see. I opened up the book and my mouth flew open. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen before in my life. It was breath taking. It ran chills up my arms. What I truly love about the stamps was reading the history of each individuals and not just receiving the stamp by itself and that's it. What a proud moment I felt viewing these stamps."

Rhonda R.

"I want my children to know where they come from and have a good sense of their cultural identity. Collecting these stamps, looking at the pictures, reading the biographies, these are things we can do together as a family. The collection has triggered some really interesting discussions at our house. We're all learning. My kids range in age from 16 to seven and we all love it!"

Debbie S.

"I would encourage every one of my students and their families to sign up for this collection. As a Black educator, I'm always looking for opportunities to inject more Black American history into the standard curriculum. Even so, you can't depend on the schools for it all. The Complete Collection of Black American Stamps is fun and really motivates kids to learn about their heritage. I see it as critically important to every young Black American."

Sylvia G.

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